San Bartolomeo

San Bartolomeo al Mare

The modern urban centre of San Bartolomeo al Mare developed over the last decades in the flat area west of the river Steria, particularly along the coastal area between the Aurelia road and the long sea promenade. The town is a summer resort, when it fills up with crowds of tourists who find pleasant accommodation in the many hotels, residences and campsites, able to satisfy even the most demanding clientele.

The history of San Bartolomeo al Mare may be found in the ancient cores of the Rovere and San Bartolomeo, located at the back of the Aurelia road. The former, closer to the sea towards the west, has left us evidence of Roman times, revealing ceramic artefacts which date back to before the Roman conquest of the territory. The latter, near the motorway junction, stands out in particular because of its pinnacle church which reveals its late medieval origin.

Several small fascinating Liguria hamlets belong to the Municipality of San Bartolomeo al Mare: Chiappa, Pairola, Rovere, Poiolo, Viali, Steri, San Simone, Richieri, Freschi, Tre Molini, Molini and Rocca.

As part of a rich calendar of events, during the month of July San Bartolomeo al Mare hosts the important International instrumental Competition “Rovere d’Oro”.