Gulf of Diano

Golfo Dianese

The Gulf of Diano is a vast territory belonging to the Riviera of Flowers, in Western Liguria. It is a very important tourist area and consists of three coastal municipalities (Diano Marina, San Bartolomeo al Mare e Cervo) and four Municipalities in the immediate hinterland (Diano Castello, Diano Arentino, Diano San Pietro e Villa Faraldi). The area boasts beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches together with rocky outcrops gently descending towards the sea.
You can practice water sports and enjoy the lush and still intact hinterland, stroll through olive groves, vineyards and vegetable gardens, cycle along the ancient salt route or simple mule tracks in order to reach nearby valleys, where men and beasts have walked for centuries to reach their land and meadows.

The territory’s riches are then completed by the local food and wines whose pièces de resistance are the extra virgin olive oil (almost entirely of the taggiasca cultivar and practically all PDO, Protected Denomination of Origin of the Liguria Riviera), the wines and the local vegetables. Pigato and Vermentino wines, both West Liguria Riviera DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin), deserve a special mention.

Slide-show of the Gulf of Diano